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Stella is an Independent Girl Scout Member in her first year as a Junior.  She started Girl Scouts as a Brownie and loves the skills she is learning and the leadership opportunities she gets to experience.

Entertainment Technology Badge – Step One:

Steps for Making a “Gacha Studios” Animated Video

Step One - Coming up with an idea

Stella’s first step was to think about what kind of animation she wanted to do and what story she wanted to share.  Her “Funny Skit” is based on actual events from school and imagining a funny situation. Her “Elements, Episode 1” is taking characters and stories from a game her friends created and imaging what the characters would actually look like.

Step Two - Creating the Animation

After Stella had thought of her story and the characters, she started creating the animation. She was familiar with Gacha Studios, an app on her Android Tablet, and had recently seen some videos on YouTube that were created with the program.  She designed the characters and placed them in different scenes. After creating a frame, she took a screenshot and saved it on her tablet.  Her video was over 25 screen shots – each taking several minutes to create with the character, the dialogue, and the scene.

Step Three - Putting together the Movie

The step that took the most research was deciding the best way to put the movie together. Some people recommended iMovie, but that was not available for use.  Stella downloaded Power Director to her tablet. This program allowed her to piece her screenshots together and save the movie.  She did not use music due to Copyright but will research ways this can be added in the future.

Step Four - Publishing & Sharing the Movie

The final step in this process was publishing the movie to a site that could be shared and others can see it.  Stella has a YouTube Channel that we previously created for videos we made, Purple Scribbles, so it is an available place to upload any videos she could make.  Now, she is working on telling her friends and family and other Girl Scout members about her videos so they can watch.  This completes her first step of earning the Entertainment Technology Badge: Animate Your Artwork

Other Junior Badge Work Completed


Bronze Award Project: In Progress

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