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Who we serve – K-12 Schools

My dream in high school was to become a fifth grade teacher. During my senior year, I interned in a fifth grade classroom and later I taught fifth grade for three years.  I was living a dream and loved it!  I now work to encourage and provide support to teachers as much as I am able to.  I am able to do this through supporting parent involvement, classroom management, school fundraisers, curriculum development and Teacher Appreciation Week.
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Hi! I’m Kim.

I’m a wife, mom, and educator. 


I’ve worked in higher education for over 18 years and love planning events that engage students in fun, hands on experiences.  

Different events I have planned are Cultural Fairs, Science Fairs, Large Scale Fundraisers, School Performances, Parent Involvement Opportunities, Concerts, Speakers, Leadership Conferences, and so much more!

My strength is in the logistics and I plan for fun.  I am now using my strengths to help others take the stress out of event planning to have quality programs for youth of all ages.

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