After attending the My Gal & Me Camp and learning that we could not make S’Mores by the campfire due to fire restrictions in Arizona – we decided to learn how to use a Solar Oven.

This is a handy skill to use when camping because you can cook in the sun.  We got this idea from one of the moms at the Girl Scout Camp and she suggested using a Pringles can.  This is helpful because a Pringles is already lined in foil.

Step One – We watched a video. There are a ton on YouTube and this gave us the basic instructions.  Most Pringles can solar ovens are used to make hot dogs but we were more interested in S’Mores.


Step Two – We cut out a window in the empty Pringles can.  We used basic adult size scissors for this with adult supervision.

Step Three – We assembled the S’mores.


Step Four – Place the S’Mores in the can.

Step Five – Cover the window with plastic wrap and tape the edges.


Step Six – Place the can in the sun. Be careful to have a location away from animals. We left our can out in the sun for 15 minutes.


Step Seven – ENJOY!


The chocolate was melted on the S’Mores but the Marshmallows had little change. Stella did not mind at all!


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