Thank you for your interest in becoming a Let’s R.O.C.K. Ambassador – the Project Stella Resources Affiliate Program.


This page will provide you with the steps and tips you need to get started.  If you have any questions during the process, please email


Perks of the Program


As a Let’s R.O.C.K. Ambassador you serve as an affiliate of Project Stella Resources. This is an EXCLUSIVE group that will have access to products and programs so they can spread the message of Raising Kids who R.O.C.K. with others.

Not only do you have access to products and programs but you also receive a 25% Commission on any product a person purchases using your affiliate link.  You have permission to use the graphics we provide to promote the products and resources on your social media, website, and email marketing.

Step One: Register as an Affiliate.


If you have not registered yet, COMPLETE THE APPLICATION HERE.


Step Two: Set-up Your Account.


After registering, check your email for instructions to set-up your account. If you do not have a WordPress account, it will ask that you set one up. You can use your Google information to do that easily. 

Then, use the link below to go to your Dashboard.

Log-in to your Affiliate Account HERE.  After logging in, it will take you to the Home Page.

Go to your Dashboard HERE.


Step Three: Update your Profile.


Review your profile by going to your Dashboard & select “Edit Profile”. Make sure all information is correct.

– Change your password

– Change your Payout Method. This defaults to check but you can select PayPal Transfer.

Go to your Dashboard HERE.


Step Four: Get your Affiliate Link & Images


On the Dashboard, select “CREATIVES”

Here you can get your link – you can generate a link from any page, post, product. When you share that link, you will get credit for any purchase made by the person you refer. Check the Terms & Conditions for more details.  From your Dashboard, you can also check your impressions, sales, and payment history.

Go to your Dashboard HERE.