Day One – A “Why” for Day One

How did I end up back here? Back to doing another Day One?


I have not been afraid of Day One’s before. There is a lot of potential to having a Day One.  But this one is scary.  —  It is the introduction to Get OUT of the Summer RUT but my rut started back in March. I was doing 80 Day Obsession, switching from Phase 2 to Phase 3 but I knew things weren’t going right.  My nutrition SUCKED! I was falling back into the stress and emotional eating patterns that have existed much of my life.

Stress at worked continued through March and April and I was determined to get my rear in gear once May hit.  I had a successful day here and there but the nutritional part was still getting to me.

So I am back here – Sunday, July 1st – ready for another Day One! I’ve done it before and I know I have the tools for success – I just have to determine my “Why” again.

My “Why” – I feel better when I am eating better. I have more energy. I do more. I feel encouraged and more positive because I am thinking more positive.  I have a goal and I am being intentional about it.  My relationships improve because I am thinking cleared.

My Why this time around is to really focus on what emotional and stress eating does to me because I know from my history the same feelings will crop up in a continuous cycle. Over and over and over.  I don’t want defeat to keep getting to me.  So WELCOME DAY ONE!

What is your Why for your Day One?  Do you feel positive about it? Is there a cycle you know you have to break?

Assignment: Determine your “Why” that is SPECIFIC to this Day One.  Write it down. Tell it to someone.  Forget about all your previous Day One’s and make a commitment that it is this one that counts. Comment below or on the Facebook page once your assignment is completed.


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