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Global Youth Service Day is coming up. We celebrate it every April and it kicks off an important initiative to empower youth to serve and make a different in their community.

In this series on Project Stella Resources, I will provide example of projects that kids can plan to get other children involved in acts of service and acts of kindness for GYSD and year round.

Project Comfort Kits


This project was completed by Stella and Kelly for their Bronze Award.  They were involved in every step of the planning process and gained really great skills from public speaking, project planning, interviewing, and more.

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Project Comfort Kits: The Idea

Stella and Kelly knew they wanted to work on their Bronze Award together.  They are both Independent Girl Scout members and have experience working on Take Action projects together.

The idea for Project Comfort Kits came after a family in the neighborhood lost their home in a fire.  No one was at home or hurt but everything was lost.  The community rallied together and the girls decided they wanted to do something to help provide comfort when a child faces a crisis.

During the process of trying to decide what they could do, the girls watched a video about children in foster care not having a bag or belongings of their own.  The girls decided they also wanted to help provide comfort to children placed in Foster Care.

Project Comfort Kits: The Research

One of the first things that Kelly and Stella did was to learn more about the cause and how they could help more children.

They interviewed five adults that work with children either in the mental health field or with children in Foster Care.

They asked each professional what they did, what it means for a child to be in crisis, and why it is important to help others.


The last question was, “What can kids my age do to help?”


They made a flyer to pass out and let more people know what they can do to help.

Step One of Project Comfort Kits – Gather Donations

After doing their research, Stella and Kelly decided what they wanted to include in each Comfort Kit and made a flyer for their school to gather donations.

For each Kit they wanted

A Comfort Toy — Toiletries –School Supplies — Books — Journal or Coloring Book

They were able to talk in front of the students at their school during an assembly.

Step Two of Project Comfort Kits – Host a Community Event

It was really important to the girls to get community members involved in the project beyond asking for donations. They met with a local community center, advertised the project, and invited community members to hand stuff the animals to provide comfort toys.

Step Three of Project Comfort Kits – Assemble the Bags

The last part of the project was to fill the bags with what supplies they collected and that the community made. 

Step Four of Project Comfort Kits – Deliver!

Project Comfort Kits were delivered to the local Fire Stations, to a Foster Care Resource Center, to a local church that works with families where a parent is currently incarcerated, and directly to families experiencing hardships.

Stella and Kelly would like to say “THANK YOU!” for everyone who supported their project!

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