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We recently finished up our Moms who R.O.C.K. (Radiate Outrageous Compassion & Kindness) Conference.  At the end of the conference, during our LIVE Q&A sessions, I asked our presenters for book recommendations they have for personal development and parenting.

Listen to their responses and then check out each of the books they mention.


Book and Podcast Recommendations for Moms who R.O.C.K.

by Moms who R.O.C.K. Virtual Conference hosted by Project Stella

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Moms who R.O.C.K. Presenters

These recommendations come from the following Moms who R.O.C.K. Conference Presenters.  Here are the presenters in the order they share. Click on each picture to check out their Speaker’s Page and presentations!


Books Recommendations from Moms who R.O.C.K.


BONUS: And as a “Thank You” for checking out Project Stella Resources, we want to give you a Bonus! 

Download our Printable Classroom Kindness Wheel and Reflection pages. 

Use the wheel to introduce Daily Acts of Kindness in a fun way! Then your students can reflect on what they did.

Great way to begin and end each school day!

“What a great way to encourage positive relationships in the classroom! Thank you!”

“Perfect to keep next to my desk for easy grab and go!”

“I like that these instructions come from the wheel, rather than from myself or another adult. It seems to motivate students from a higher, more altruistic level. Thanks for this!”

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