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Winter Break is Coming!  And with it comes the threat of the two scariest words to come out of my child’s mouth – “I’m BORED!”

And it doesn’t take long – last year, I heard those words spoken within 4 hours of her coming home from school.

So this year, I am trying to be a little more prepared and we have our Let’s R.O.C.K. Challenge to keep us busy.

Through the Let’s R.O.C.K. Challenge, Project Stella Resources wants to encourage families to Radiate Outrageous Compassion & Kindness where ever they are.  In this post, I am providing 5 Boredom Buster activities – which you can Download for FREE – to help your family during Winter Break.

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Winter Break Activity – Donation Scavenger Hunt

How great would it be to have your children not just clean out their rooms but provide the items they no longer need to families who could use them.

With this Scavenger Hunt, cleaning out their rooms becomes a game and competition to see who can find items that meet certain characteristics to get rid of.  It is a lot more interesting and engaging to do this then to just say, “Hey, go find some things to get rid of!”.

But, as a parent, I do encourage you to go through the items they find. I would hate for a sentimental toy to go missing – just for the sake of a game.

Winter Break Activity – Acts of Kindness Tic Tac Toe

If your kids enjoyed the Donation Scavenger Hunt above, they will also have fun playing this game – Act of Kindness Tic-Tac-Toe. This can last all Winter Break with each day taking a turn to do an Act of Kindness.

Depending on where you live and what you are doing during the break, you can be flexible with what is required or how you interpret each task.

Main goal – have fun and encourage kindness to others.

Winter Break Activity – Holiday Legacy Interview

The Holidays is all about spending time with family.  How awesome would it be at the beginning of the Winter Break for the kids to reach out to family members and ask them about Holiday traditions.

Then, to take it to the next level, the kids can try to find ways to incorporate those traditions when they visit.

These questions are taken from The Legacy Project, a journal I gave each of my Grandmother’s when I was in college to record their stories.  Your kids can create their own Legacy Project this year!

Winter Break Activity – Thank you cards/Coloring Pages


The simplest, but most effective, way to demonstrate kindness is saying, “Thank You”. With this coloring sheet, kids can write notes to people they would like to thank.

Hint: this is one of the tasks on the Act of Kindness Scavenger Hunt.

Print out a couple of these and have the the kids pass them out to neighbors, community helpers, and those that have do work during the Holidays.

If you are traveling, this is a great way to show Acts of Kindness on the Road.

Winter Break Activity – Share your Story

Inspire other kids by sharing your story.  Tell them what “being kind” means to you and what happens when you do different acts of kindness.  I also want to recognize you!  Email your child’s responses to projectstellatrc@gmail.com so we can feature your family on our Let’s R.O.C.K. page.
These Acts of Kindness are so simple and do not take long to plan for.  They can help make your Winter Break focus on the positive and this time of year – spread some Holiday Cheer! BE sure to share this post with other families that fear, “I’m Bored.”

If you are looking for ways to go a little deeper and do more Acts of Kindness this season, check out our Ebook: Easy Holiday Service Projects for Families.  There are several cool bonuses that come with it.

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