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It is the Holiday season and many families are preparing to travel. While traveling can be fun and exciting, it can also be pretty tense. It is amazing to see how Acts of Kindness can make a positive difference during this time!

As part of our Let’s R.O.C.K. Challenge, Project Stella Resources wants to encourage families to Radiate Outrageous Compassion & Kindness where ever they are.  In this post, I am providing 5 ideas to help you do that – even when traveling.

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Acts of Kindness – On the Road


When you are traveling on the road, you will be stopping at gas stations, restaurants, and other places where you may encounter people who are experiencing hardships. You might see someone on the corner asking for money for gas or for food.

Something cool to have in your car that can be made before your trip OR while you are driving and need to keep your kids occupied, are Blessing Bags or Comfort Kits (you can call it anything you want).

In these smalls bags, you can include gum, a bottle of water, pack of crackers, a gift card to a fast food restaurant, hand wipes, hand sanitizer, a piece of fruit, a couple of quarters, a Christmas card, etc.

Have these ready to hand out. But be safe! Be aware of your surroundings if stopping. Do not get involved in a traffic accident or cause danger to you or others on the road.

Acts of Kindness – In the Car

When traveling in the car with your family, the biggest challenge might be being kind to one another.  “She’s touching me” or “He is in my spot” can easily start wrestling sessions to rival the WWE. Then, mom and dad start yelling and everyone just wants to be done! Not a fun way to start a fun time together.

Ways that you can encourage Acts of Kindness in the car is to be prepared with some stuff to do when boredom in on the verge of causing chaos.  Have each child a laptop coloring kit with paper and markers. Start by having them write cards or draw pictures that can be handed out to people who are working where you may be stopping – gas stations, restaurants, and hotels

Acts of Kindness – On the Plane

Have you every traveled with a young child in your family? Even the most well-behaved kids can get fussy while on a plane and you have a captive audience watching your every move. It causes major anxiety!

What an awesome act of kindness and COMPASSION to have something in your carry-on bag to help a parent with a fussy or irritable child. Something as simple as a pack of stickers can help or this AMAZING new toy – Travel Toyz is a bag of individual items that will keep a child entertained!

Acts of Kindness – Inspirational Rocks


The Kindness Rocks Project is a perfect and easy way to encourage kindness year round but especially when you are traveling.

Before you leave, decorate rocks with inspiring messages. Then every place you stop – the gas station, outside the restaurant or hotel,  at a rest area – leave a rock for someone to find.  Make it bright and colorful to it catches the attention of someone walking by.

Make sure to learn more about The Kindness Rocks project and check out how you can become an Ambassador.

Acts of Kindness – Scavenger Hunt

Click on the image below to get a printable version of the Scavenger Hunt. Then while you are traveling, check off the items on the list as they are completed.
These Acts of Kindness are so simple and do not take long to plan for.  They can help make your travel plans focus on the positive and this time of year – spread some Holiday Cheer! BE sure to this post with other families that will be on the road this year.

If you are looking for ways to go a little deeper and do more Acts of Kindness this season, check out our Ebook: Easy Holiday Service Projects for Families.  There are several cool bonuses that come with it.

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