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Growing up I always hated the question, “what do you want for Christmas?”. I felt there was an expectation that I provide some list of items that seemed like “acceptable” gifts. Really, what I wanted was the opportunity to do something big – something worthwhile – that would make a difference. But, when I mentioned this, I always received the strangest of looks.

In this post, I hope to help some other child or teen out there that feels the way I did. I also want to help all the moms and dads of those teens by providing a list of gift ideas that your child will appreciate.

Then, make sure to get access to the online Insider’s Vault so you can download the Event Checklist to Help Youth Lead Volunteer Projects. Give your child the opportunity to do the BIG thing they want to do to make a difference and change the world.

If you want more tips and step-by-step guides to planning events and programs, check out my Insider’s Online Vault.
*Click on any of the product pictures below to go directly to the product page on Amazon. Any purchase made support Project Stella Resources’ mission of helping parents and educators plan meaningful service projects for young volunteers.

Journal & Journal Pens

Give a gift to your child that allows her to write all her ideas for changing the world and to reflect on her experiences.  Encourage her dreams by picking a journal that includes an inspiring message.  Be sure to have some cool pens that make the gift even more special.

Inspirational Shirts

Support your child’s dream of making a difference by letting her share her vision with the world! There are some great shirts available on Amazon that make great inspirational gifts.

Inspirational Bracelets

Have a child that loves jewelry? These bracelets are wearable inspiration that will remind her each day that she can accomplish any goal she sets for herself.

Great Books

Have a child that loves jewelry? These bracelets are wearable inspiration that will remind her each day that she can accomplish any goal she sets for herself.

Arts Supplies

Provide your child a way to share their message and their project ideas by making colorful, creative posters.

Make & Sell

Service projects need money. And making something to sell is a great way for kids to raise money for their cause. Loom Band Bracelets are an easy, quick craft that can be customized for fundraisers.

Baking Fun

Get ready for Bake Sales to raise money for your project or bake cookies and cupcakes as thank you’s for those that help your achieve or keep you safe!  This subscription set keeps the energy and love of baking alive.

Fundraising Stand

If it is baked goods or loom band bracelets that your child made – a sturdy stand for their fundraiser is needed.  It can be decorated to increase awareness about the cause.

Sony A6000 Digital Camera

I highly recommend the Sony A6000 Digital Camera for capturing those great inspiring moments. It allows you to send the pictures to your Smartphone directly. It is also so simple to use!

Tablet – Kindle Fire

Read or listen to inspiring books. Check out Podcasts. A tablet is the Ultimate gift that provides great resources to help your child follow their dreams!
Give your child the ultimate gift by letting him or her plan a Service Project that the whole family will enjoy doing.

This Ebook provides Easy Holiday Service Projects for the entire family and gives instructions on what you need to put it together.

When you download this Ebook you also get two Bonus Items including 25 Ideas for your Elf on the Shelf to encourage kindness.

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