This is Part One of a Six Part Series on the 50 Books Every Child Should Read Before they Turn 8.

All of these books teach valuable life lessons on:

Family & Friends
Exploration & Discovery

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Mike Wu (2015)
Ages 3-5

Ellie the Elephant looks for a way to save her home with her friends.  Being patient and using her talent for painting she discovers she can make a difference.

Rufus Goes to Sea

Kim Griswell/Valerie Gorbachev (2015)
Ages 3-6

Rufus wants to be a Pirate Pig but is told that he can’t be a pirate because he is a pig.  Rufus finds a way to show he can serve an important role on the ship through reading.

Shh! We Have a Plan

Chris Haughton (2014)
Ages 3-7

Four friends are trying to catch a bird but fail each time.  The littlest friend discovers how to make friends although challenged by others.

Author: A True Story

Helen Lester (2002)
Ages 4-7

A biography of Helen Lester who became an author despite difficulties with a learning disability.  Includes writing tips that helped her get through her struggles.

Randy Riley’s Really Big Hit

Chris Van Dusen (2012)
Ages 4-8

Randy, a young boy that loves both science and baseball, uses his skills and saves the day when he discovers a fireball headed towards his town.

Rosie Revere, Engineer

Andrea Beaty/David Roberts (2013)
Ages 5-7

Rosie works hard to make a flying invention for her aunt but it doesn’t work.  She learns failure only comes when you stop trying.


Misty Copeland (2014)
Ages 5-8

A young girl learns that by working hard and following the guidance of someone older that she can have faith in herself to become a dancer that she dreams to be.

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