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After finishing our 5 Day Challenge on “Ways to Encourage your Child to Enjoy Giving this Holiday Season,” one participant asked, “how to you introduce the idea of giving to your child?”.


In this episode of the Purple Scribbles Podcast with Project Stella Resources we look at the five tips I can offer from experience of how to introduce this idea to your kids so they have buy-in and want to serve or volunteer with the family.  It all begins with a conversation and then continues with the discussion to let the child be part of the decision process.

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Hi! I’m Kim.

I’m a wife, mom, and educator. 

  I’ve worked in higher education for over 18 years and love planning events that engage students in fun, hands on experiences.   My strength is in the logistics and I plan for fun.  I am now using my strengths to help others take the stress out of event planning to have quality programs for youth of all ages.