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The Holiday Season is HERE and we are hosting a 5 Day Challenge to help parents encourage their children to enjoy giving this Holiday season.

For Day Two of the Challenge we making some suggestions to our new FAVORITE tradition: Elf on the Shelf/Kindness Elves.  This is an excerpt from interview I did with my daughter about the Holidays and what she has to say about the new tradition.

Interview with Stella - Day Two

by Project Stella Resources

On October 15th, Project Stella Resources started a 5 Day Challenge through email and a Facebook group for parents that want to help their children enjoy giving this Holiday season.


  • For children to enjoy giving, it must be discussed as a family and they have to have buy-in.
  • For children enjoy giving, there must be a balance. There is nothing wrong with receiving gifts (I hope not because I LOVE to give them to my daughter!) but expectations need to be realistic.
  • Giving is not just about money or donations. The best gifts are gifts of time.
  • BONUS: 25 Countdown Messages to Christmas: Encouraging messages for the season

Day 2 –  Using your Elves

  • Elf of the Shelf is very popular and you can use them in a way to encourage positive messages while still having fun.
  • BONUS: 25 Ideas for using your Elves to encourage Kindness and Giving

Day 3 – Gift Giving Strategies

  • There are ways to manage expectations about gifts from family and gifts from Santa
  • The hardest part is discussing these strategies with family members that live outside the home (yes, my parents like to spoil their grandkids!)
  • BONUS: Printable Gift Planning Checklist incorporating recommended gift giving strategies

Day 4 – Holiday Service Projects

  • There are volunteer opportunities for children to enjoy giving that are hands on.
  • Families that volunteer together benefit by putting the focus on helping someone else.
  • BONUS: Ebook – Easy Holiday Service Projects for Families

Day 5 – Giving Year Round

  • There are ways for children to enjoy giving all year long without causing the family extra stress
  • Children develop great life skills when they are allowed to plan their own volunteer opportunities
  • BONUS: Event Checklist for Helping your Child Lead Volunteer Projects

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