Hello! Welcome to our Project Stella Resources Blog!  September is Hunger Action Month and in November we recognize Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week. A common question I get asked is “how can we teach children about different volunteer opportunities for kids?”

I’ve spent many years working with educators, parents, and volunteer managers that want to plan meaningful service opportunities for young volunteers.  There are some challenges involved but teaching children about the volunteer opportunities in a way they understand is possible.

This post will show you one way I started teaching children about volunteer opportunities for kids that made a positive impact in our community.

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This post will discuss the process we went through to write Stella the Sweet Potato’s Amazing Journey. This is a picture book for children that introduces volunteer opportunities for kids.

What volunteer opportunities for kids inspired this book?

The Society of St. Andrew is an organization that provides Produce Drops for communities.  The very popular event, the Potato Drop, is a great opportunity for kids to volunteer because it is hands on and requires very little instruction. 

  • Potatoes are gleaned from a field.
  • Potatoes are dropped off for volunteers to bag.
  • Community agencies receive the bags to provide food.

There are many ways youth can get involved with The Society of St. Andrew beyond the Potato Drop. They host gleaning events where children can go into the fields and pick the produce!

Why a picture book and coloring book?

When I first organized the Potato Drop with students at my college, we made it into a Global Youth Service Day project.  Families were invited and worked beside each other to bag the potatoes. They also help prepare them for pick-up.  My daughter was four years old when we did the project and she wanted to know more…

  • Where did the potatoes come from?
  • How did the potatoes get to us?
  • Why did the potatoes not go to a store?

While answering these questions, the story started shaping up. Through pictures I could show my daughter where the potatoes came from, how they were transported, and then what happened during the project.

The final product:

And through telling the story we decided we wanted to share it with other kids. My daughter helped create the character and inserted her own comments as the character’s words. You can check out each of the books by clicking their covers below.

There are many benefits of volunteering! Getting involved in volunteering can help you gain experience. It can build your resume and you can develop leadership skills that will help you in the future.  Young volunteers need Service Project Coordinators that will organize meaningful service projects for them.  

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