The purpose of this workbook is to guide students in creating a service program that will meet a community need and provide meaningful opportunities to a volunteer team.

By breaking the process down into very simple steps, students can take practical steps to make their vision a reality. The questions in this workbook help prepare student leaders to meet their program goals.

After working to train volunteer coordinators over the past 18 years, I created this workbook to help others in planning their service events. 

Contents of Workbook


  • Getting Started: Creating the Vision

  • Making Connections: Building a Relationship with the Community

  • Recruiting Volunteers: Developing a Team

  • Creating a Buzz: Planning Ways to Publicize, Fund raise, and Gain Support

  • Managing the Project: Knowing the Logistics

  • Evaluating Progress: Tracking hours and measuring goals

  • Celebrating Success: Recognizing your Volunteers

  • Additional Worksheets for Planning



Youth Service Project