My daughter, Stella, attends one of the American Leadership Academy public charter schools in Arizona.  We have come to love this school because of the community it provides and that it involves Leadership at all levels in the curriculum.

Each day the students talk and are rewarded for exhibiting RAISE Values.  Parents are encouraged to discuss these values at home with their children.

The values are…

Respect – Accountability – Integrity – Service – Excellence

Stella enjoys talking about what she does to follow these values. She came home yesterday and mentioned she demonstrated SERVICE by helping a teacher in the classroom while her regular teacher was attending a field trip.  She talks about EXCELLENCE when she worries about what other students are thinking about her but recognizes she is responsible for doing her best and not worrying about what someone else may say.


No matter what school a child goes to I hope these values are encouraged each day. They encourage a child to be who they are, respect others for who they are, be accountable, and be full of integrity.  Leadership can be displayed in so many different ways and can start at a young age.