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I help parents and educators transform their homes, schools, and communities with kids who

Radiate Outrageous Compassion & Kindness

Raising Kids who R.O.C.K.

You have a passion for working with kids. You became a teacher or parent volunteer because you want to make a difference and see positive changes in the lives of the children you interact with.  But it can be tough and sometimes you wonder if you have what it takes. Does what you do make a difference?  I’m here to tell you that it does!

Keep up the good work.  You are inspiring kids every day to Radiate Outrageous Compassion & Kindness.

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Hi! I’m Kim.

I’m a wife, mom, writer, speaker, and educator. 

I’ve worked in education for over 18 years and love helping teachers rediscover their passion for making a difference in the lives of their students.  I have found that I can do this by providing tips and resources for raising kids who R.O.C.K. – Kids who Radiate Outrageous Compassion and Kindness.

Different service projects my students plan are Cultural Fairs, Literacy Fairs, Large Scale Fundraisers, Into the Streets Projects, Speakers, Leadership Conferences, and so much more!

My strength is in the logistics and I plan for fun.  I am now using my passions to help you take the stress out of classroom management and project planning  so you can continue to make an major difference in the lives of the youth you impact.

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